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Speed Test Results

This test is a fair indication of the speed of your connection, it is not 100% accurate but it is a far better measurement that the computer provides when you log in, it maybe wise to run it a few times at different times of the day.

What are the reasons you get a slow speed? There are three, the first is the modem you use, if you only have a 28.8k modem you can only get that kind of speed, unless you buy a new modem there is nothing you can do for this. The second reason is the quality of the telephone line you use to connect with. We have noticed that as you get out of the city your telephone line quality drops drastically and most of our customers can only get 33.3k or even 28.8k, again there is no cure to this except to move!

The final reason is something we can help you on, it could be your configuration, normally it is not but it is possible so you can follow these brief steps to check it out. If you have any problems give us a call on out hotline number.

First go to 'My computer', the select 'Control Panel' and from there choose 'Modems'. This will bring up a screen with a list of your modems on (you probably only have one) choose the one you wish to check and then click on the button marked 'Properties'. On this screen you simply need to check what the 'Maximum speed' says, it should be equal or higher than the speed of your modem, normally it is set to the highest entry in the drop down list. If it is then there is nothing more you can do.