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We Have Wireless Broadband
How about you?

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We Have Wireless Broadband
How about you?

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Why Wireless
Broadband Is Right for You.

  • Reduced Cost. Our wireless technology can provide substantial cost benefits when compared to traditional options such as cable, DSL and other high-speed telephone lines.

  • Faster Speed. The platform’s upload and download speeds are as fast or faster than virtually every other broadband service available today. That means no more long waits for large documents, and you can take advantage of advanced services such as high-quality video conferencing.

  • Increased Security. Wireless broadband offers enhanced security compatible to any corporate network, so there’s no need to worry about sharing sensitive data. Your data is encrypted with industry standard over-the-air DES (Data Encrypted Standard) encryption. Also available is AES (Advanced Encrypted Standard) encryption, so sophisticated it would take a trillion years to decode.

  • Higher Quality Service. The system’s proven technology means that whether you’re located in the city, the suburbs, or in a rural community, your service is always on and always available. And because we provide upgradeable software, you have no fear of your system becoming obsolete.

  • Immediate Deployment. Unlike other options that can take weeks or months to deploy, DiMan Systems can have your wireless broadband up and running in a matter of hours or days. On-site units are small, unobtrusive and maintenance-free.


  • Advanced Applications. In addition to high speed wireless communications, our wireless broadband platform allows home businesses to take advantage of today’s most advanced applications such as: broadband access, video surveillance, voice-over-IP, LAN connectivity and more.

  • Superior Customer Service. As our customer, you’re our most important asset. DiMan Systems, provides you with the timely trouble shooting and support services that you must have to keep your communications up to speed


All Wireless accounts will carry policies of support equal to our premium dial-up account. In conjunction all Wireless accounts will include one dial-up account which will allow the ability to dial in to the service in the event of a wireless outage.

All wireless accounts will be based on a one year contract. This will give the best possible service to the account.


900Mhz Wireless plans will be as follows:

Monthly Rate   Down link   Down-Burst   Up link   Up-Burst   Coverage area
Southern Fond du lac
and Northern Washington Counties
$39.50   256kbs   512kb   128kbs   256kbs  
$49.50   512kbs   756kb   128kbs   256kbs  
$59.50   756kbs   1.4mb   128kbs   256kbs  
$69.50   1mbs   1.4mb   128kbs   256kbs  
$89.50   1.4mbs   2mb   256kbs   384kbs  
$109.50   2.0mbs   2.5mb   384kbs   512kbs  

3.65Ghz Wireless plans will be as follows:

Monthly Rate   Down link   Down-Burst   Up link   Up-Burst    
$39.50   1.5mbs   N/A   512kbps   N/A    
$49.50   2.0mbs   N/A   768kbs   N/A  
$59.50   2.5mbs   N/A   1.0mbs   N/A  
$69.50   3.0mbs   N/A   1.5mbs   N/A  
$89.50   3.5mbs   N/A   1.5mbs   N/A  
$129.50   4.0mbs   N/A   2.0mbs   N/A  
Configurations are available with pricing based on the combinations of speed and/or services requested. These will not be limited to and may include the assignment of static public addresses, and Domain Name Services.
All accounts will receive one (1) email address to be maintained by the client for the minimum purpose of communication between DiMan Systems and the client which will be used for no less than billing purposes.
All Premium Dial-Up and Wireless accounts will have the ability to add two (2) additional email boxes.
In addition, all Premium Dial-up and Wireless accounts will be allocated space for the purpose of presenting a web-site not exceeding 50MB of server space which will be governed by Internet Kmoraine’s usage policy.
Coverage areas include; Campbellsport, Lake Bernice, Wayne, Neno, Addison, Kewaskum, New Fane, Beechwood, Parnell, Armstrong, Waucousta

Questions or comments on this service should be directed to:


Bud Discher
W2123 Auburn Ashford Dr
Campbellsport, WI 53010
920-533-5156 or 920-533-5339
in Fond Du Lac County


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